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If I only had the money

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Eh, not a bad deal. I'd consider it if they took those ugly pinstripes off the hood.
not much on yeller musterd!--hehe but if i had the cash id be pimpin it
"Minimal rust", notice there are no shots of the battery tray! :)
stripes look like ass man....looks like an elephants ass sewed up with grape vine!!!!
Even with the "stripes", it doesn't look that very bad...although the portion on the hood would have to go...However, I challenge the "no rust".
a previous instructor told us about a time he went to buy a new truck and he did'nt like the pinstripes,,,,the dealer said "are you gonna let $60 worth of pinstripes keep you from buying this truck?" he replied with "the question is, are you gonna let $60 worth of pinstripes keep you from SELLING me this truck".

they removed the pinstripes, and deducted the $60 from the price.
Evil, your story reminds me of a customer at work.

One of the things we sell at our store at work is extension cords. They're packaged in a simple fasion. Coiled up, with a piece of cardboard wrapped around it (which has the pretty logo and typical packaging designs on it, etc).

A customer brought two of the extension cords up to me. One had the cardboard packaging on it, the other did not. They were both still coiled up, one was simply missing the cardboard because someone tore it off.

He asked if he could get a discount on the one missing the cardboard. I asked why, and he said because it was missing the packaging. I asked him "Well, how much is a bit of cardboard worth to you?" and he replied "Nothing. I just throw it away." and then I said "Then thats your discount."
The last pic showing the new tie rod also shows some kind of oil leak. Looks like it could be a bad one too. Engine compartment is in need of some clean up and the plug wires are mismatched? Price is not bad though.

Good Luck...
Bushing are shot on the end links of the sway bar. But not a car for $2500

question is the battery tray area, spare tub well, and few other hidden places and then we can talk.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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