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Since there has been a recent rash in posts of i/c questions, im gunna put up my pics and explain how i put mine in.

my total cost = $127

&50(i/c) + 35(endtank modification) + 12(2 mandrel bent J pipes) + 30(silicon connectors/reducer

the whole thing was fairly simple. I found a starion i/c(16 row) for 50$ and snagged it up. The lower inlet, as it is stock, points to the front of the intercooler. I didn't want to have to route in a 180 degree bend in my i/c piping, so i had a local speed shop cut off the top and weld it so it points in the same direction as the long tube. my only problem i have with the starion intercooler is the actual inlet tubing size, @ 1 3/4" it just seems to small but i know people using them with 300 rwhp so I figured it would be sufficient.

The first thing I did was to mount the actual intercooler in the front of the car. I thought this may pose a problem as I have the a/c condenser up front, but it didnt. I rested the bottom of the i/c on the long "thing"(sorry for my technical terms). I then bent up brackets from steel and mounted them along the verticle horn support

I then cut out most of the driver side radiator support using a sawzaw, which made quick work of the metal. i took enough out to allow for 2 2" tubes and some play to allow for positioning of the pipes.

i thought piping it might actually be a real PITA, buit it wasn't too complicated. my total piping consists of 5 parts, 3 on the bottom and 2 on the top(TB to ic).

This all goes together with good hose clamps and voila, instant intercooler

Boost went from 8.5 psi to 6ish, for a 2.5psi pressure drop which isnt bad. Performance is definately better, i recommend doing this for anyone. Along with my 3.9 rearend, my car has really turned into a screamer.


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