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ID these wheels please!

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u mean name the brand?
I think a lot of wheels looks like that
LOL welcome to the maritimes... salty roads and salty air.

They say the fish is great but I don't eat it :)

Probably salty too!
yeah, I pull mine off the roads long before the snow flys for that reason. Mn like white roads, and that's white w/ salt :(
I recently spoke to a CAT diesel expert who services diesels all over the province. He told me that deep in the salt mines, the diesels become encrusted with salt but it chips off and the metal underneath is perfect like the day it was built. The crucial missing component is water due to the dry environment.

The same units on the surface are rusty as heck and require persuasion to remove bolts and such due to the extreme rust from the atmosphere and salt dust.
Those were pretty common not long ago. I am not very good with brands but I remember clearly that they had a hexagon in the center that was black with chrome letters that said "Eagle". So I would guess American Eagle rims. I have no idea what series. ASE_MAT has a set on a hardbody pickup...

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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