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Hey Guys,
I need help learning about R200 differentials, specifically in 280zx Turbos. I thought they were all the same, but evidently they are not.
I pulled the differentials out of my '82 Turbo parts car, and my '83 Turbo (keeper).
They are slightly different. The cover plate is the same, but the housing is different. The casting is similar, but definitely not the same. Also, when you look through half-shaft holes, the '83 diff has some sort of plate that blocks the view from one side to the other. The '82 has a bar about the size of your thumb in the same location as the plate in the other diff. You can see straight through it.
I also have an '81 Turbo and pulled the shafts out of it as well. It has the same bar as the '82 diff. I can assume it's the same.
I also noticed that the boots on the half-shafts of the '83 are different than the '81/'82. The outer CV joint also has oil in it, rather than grease, like the '81/'82 CV joint.

Anyway, why are these two differentials different? Did Nissan go to another supplier in '83? Which one is better?

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