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Hey where are you from?
Im 15 in one month I turn 16 YEAH!
but that means time to work more doh...
I have a 81 280ZXT power every thing but locks
people say they were not out yet in 81
well anyways I paid $1000 and last month it stoped running it just wont start but this week its going into the shop

about your tape deck I have a really good friend thats a tech freak and I showed him my tape deck
and he said that the datsuns tape dacks get really dirty and eat tapes and don't really work right he said all you have to do is clean it
so take it out and take it to a shop and ask them to clean it for you also try to keep it stock
he also said that the datsun have pretty good stock radios so Im just going to add a amp, cd changer and a 8 bass tube if you do it right it kicks great

my e-mail address is [email protected] e-mail me and maybe we can start a under 20 Z club=)

Jeff 280ZXT
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
Not open for further replies.