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I need a head for my 240z

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Hey Guys,

I just did my valve lash adjustment on my 73 240z with the stock 2.4 engine, and I found that one of the intake valves ran out of adjustment, I can't get the clearance i need anymore. And I also noticed that the plug associated with that valve has a brown residue, unlike all the other plugs wich are normal. I also noticed that the engine runs slightly rough at idle but fine above 1k rpm. Sounds like it's missing at idle, I checked my entire ignition system and its all working perfectly and tuned correctly.

I'm poor, so is there any way I can get more adjustment out of the valve so I can get by for a while? At least untill I can save enough money for a rebuild, or one that has been rebuilt. I need to fix my brakes and this happens.... I really want to get a non drilled race cam too. lol.

I have been doing some research,
This is the head I have: E88
And these are the heads that I can use (square exaust ports, and a mechanical fuel pump hole) E31, E88, N42?, and P90

can I just bolt these heads on without any other mods?
How much will it cost to rebuild my stock head?

Does anybody have one of these heads with low miles, or rebuilt, possibly with a race cam that wants to sell it? I will drive by and pick it up if you live in the San Diego area. I would appriciate any offers, please email me at:

[email protected]

thank you...
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hey sonic, i hav a e88 head here at my house in L.A. it needs to be put back together, but you can hav it if you wanna make the drive up here, or better yet, i will going to san diego this coming weekend, let me know where to meet you and you can hav it....oh ya, i do hav all the parts, just needs to be reassembled.
Sonic ... you can probably fix your inability to adjust your valve lash by purchasing another valve lash pad at a smaller dimension. Your current head probably got the bronze seats and that particular seat has sucked itself uoward into the bottom of the head . So should you decide to purchase another head get one with steel seats installed . Also the bottom adjustment bolt can be removed out of the head and shortened one or two threads with a hacksaw and then reinstalled thereby allowing you to maintain the lash pad you got and make a correct adjustment at that rocker for an effective emergeny fix foe many several thousands of miles. Goodluck.
You can replace the lash pad with a thinner one but you need to check your wipe pattern afterwards.
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