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Hey people I got a early 74 260z I Just got done with, but an not sure on some things.
For starters I can't seen to get the ignition timing down.No matter where I set it ,it seens sluggish or there is a miss when you drive.What degrees do you set it on the pully mark
nowhere in my book dose it specify that!

2) EXHAUST LEAK replaced stock manifold with a header I have no leak on the manifold to the tailpipe and smell a rank smell of exhaust when I drive.???????

3) some yahoo had the car b 4 I bought it and smeared poxy resin in the adjusting screws on the carburators so I cannot adjust the amount of air of fuel and can't turn the screws for crap! I can only play with the idle amd the 2 screws oon the linkage bewteen the carbs.
Was wondering what kind of set up I should go with, with the least amonut of hassle
1 a set of early rebuilt su's
2 duel webbers
3 tripple webbers
4 4 brl. intake and a holly 390cfm carb

A stock setup gives 162 hp
was wondering if there was anyone out there who could tell me bout how much power I have now
No emmisions -header-100 pounds lighter-head shaved ten thousandths

Thanks to all who get back to me
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