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I have a few question's

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Hi all, I am Spice and am new to the forum.
I have a few question's.

1) can I swap a manual trany for an automatic?

2) 14" tires are becoming harder to find, has anyone been able to change the tires with any other car to put 15" tires on and what mod. are needed to do so?

3) I have three ZX's, one is a coupe and two are 2+2's. Has anyone found replacement floor pans for the 2+2 many places have the coupe?

4) I want to do a V8 swap in the coupe, there are kits to put a Chevy 350.
has any one been able to install any other size or a Ford 351?

5) Is anyone in the Tampa / St. Petersburg Florida area that may be interested in froming a Z Club or is there one here already?
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Search and ye shall find....

Tell some one and they know
teach them to Search then they learn...
1) Yes - need transmission, flywheel, clutch, clutch pedals, clutch MC, clutch slave, driveshaft. Mounting holes are already in the chasis for the clutch setup. Just need to pop the tabs out.

2) Aftermarket wheels are available from Z car exclusive parts companies. Motorsports Auto, Black Dragon, Silvermine Motors, ect.. (search). They typically range from 14 - 16" sizes & have the correct back space & wheel lug configuration. If you know the exact & complete wheel fitment measurements you want to run then any specialty manfacturer can make wheels to your specs if so desire to spend some money. I believe the late 70,s & early 80's Toyota Celica had wheels that would fit with a little trimming of the centre whole. Also the early 80's Mustang had a close 4 lug nut configuration.

3) I have not seen any completed. The last time I came accross them the website I was looking at had the ambiguous "in development comming soon"

4) Yes, but I believe the motor mounts have to be fabricated as the mounts are not readily commercially available along with a newly frabricated oil pan. Check HybidZ.org for more information.

5) Check Zhome.com for club listings.
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If you can find a set of turbo s130 wheels they are 15"
Is anyone in the Tampa / St. Petersburg Florida area that may be interested in froming a Z Club or is there one here already?

Maybe you can hang out with jim. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN-Z6Zt8F1U
I have a set of 5 "snowflakes" that I want to get rid of one of these days. Heck if you can find me a set of 15x10's I'll be glad to trade you...

For the V8 swap check out www.jagsthatrun.com for mounts and the swap book.
I can get rims. Snowflake - 81 280zxt auto. 15, 14 both are going. 16 is more a common size. Men are obsessed with size says freud. I got 14s in Bf goodrich on the 260z and goodyear on the deluxe, both from 2 shops within 5 miles of my house
Skittle, I have a brand new set of snowflakes I got from nissan for $250 flat. :)
the bolt pattern on these z cars is identical to the old chevy 4 bolt for vegas and the like you wont be able to use the ford or toyota wheels without modification
Wrong Its early ford 4 lug rims are the same .
I have a set of vega rally rims . Bought them for the 13 inch Cooper Cobras for my rx7.
Had the rear tire off my 78 z one day and tried the vega
13 inch rim no go. Haven't tried to put them on the
rx7 yet. Still waiting for the bridgestone recot
tires to wear out got to be old as ****.

On my 83 zx i lost two BF Goodrich TA in a few weeks
broken belts. I was pissed until i saw the date on the tire 1988. Still got two 1988 tires on the back and they look great.
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