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Re: I have a challenge for you engine builders, L2

> OK, what do you guys think is the easiest
> way to get 220 flywheel HP out of a normally
> aspirate L28? There's just a couple
> problems, I don't want a 3.1 and I want to
> get atleast 20 mpg.
> I think I can get my 83's dry curb weight
> down to 2700 lbs. So I'm expecting to get
> 0-60 times in the 6 sec territory. I'd like
> to hear what you all have to say.
Are you talking 220 HP gross or net? 220 HP gross is only about a 50 HP increase but 220 HP net is about a 90 HP increase and will take some serious work. 220 HP net works out to about 285 HP gross. You won't get both the HP and your desired fuel economy without fuel injection and an aftermarket programmable ECU - or boosting the engine.
Alamo Autosport in Arlington, TX has a customer that got there by using wrecking yard parts - turbo & intercooler out of a Mitsubishi, 'O' ringed his head, and installed a new timing chain. Cost $2,500, HP = 220 net. MPG = 20 -21 on the highway driving it easy in 5th. You try to stay NA and you'll lose the fuel economy.
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