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I hate my Fart can

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The guy who had my z before me put a big ass fart can, it must go its so big im sure its taking HP

what do y'all think about just cuting off and just putting a pipe on? I got an oxy welder in my basement so it should be no prob.
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Run the pipe straight, it sounds awesome. It won't be too loud. I had an 83turbozx with straight pipe except for the catalytic converter, and it sounded wicked.

Doubt you are really losing any hp and if so it's probably only 1-2. I personaly like the way a flowmaster sounds on a Z. As for a straight pipe I hear some like it and some don't. Give it a shot and see how you like it.
i have an 84 porsche 944 with a magnaflow fart can, the muffler is HUGE....the guy i bought the car from put it on...the thing is loud...i personally dont like it....

I think its much worse to see a fart can on a porsche than on a Z..

i own a 74 z, and an 84 porsche, ilove both cars
my 70 which just got ran over by some dumb soccer mom b**** and her fat surburban that she cant handel was strait 2.5 with an 18in glasspack and it sounds great esp in the high rpms or doing burnouts
So... with a straight through pipe and a cat does it sound majorly loud so that people look when you go past and cops get sus on you?

I would love to go the straight pipe with a cat :)

A turbo cuts the noise significantly.
On farm tractors the noise from a na is imposable to stand without a muffler.
The same engine with a turbo & no muffler is a common practice.
You will have to try it to see if it is what you like.
My NA has no muffler, just a CAT, and a pipe, sounds pretty decent, real quiet at idle, and real frickin' mean when I stomp it, the only bad part is at cruising speed the drone is maddening.
Get a muffler. You'll be happy if you have to drive her any distance -- drone, drone, drone, drone, drone . . . AHHHHHHHH I Can't Take it ANYMORE!!!!!!!

ha ha.
I have a cat and straight pipe on my zx. Rumbles at idle, sounds awesome at high RPMs- its sweet except for highway driving. Its just too much noise- as noted above by others.
This is some apex fart can, I can fit my head in it just about. Its not loud. I may just still keep the cat on there or somthing. I grew up around race cars so unless its louder than a dragster then its not loud. Thanks guys, Oh and I heard that since its an exuast weld I should tig it? Anyone oxy theres Im sure I could get a hold of a mig welder.
One more thing what size and what type of tubing should I get? and dose anyone know of a cheep place to get it in georgia? I live in norcross (near atlanta) but go to school in oakwood so nothing too far for me.
Hey, send me the fart can and I can put in on my slobaru 1.8, ha, ha! Maybe I can scare a few civics. I ran straight pipe on my previous 83zx turbo and it sounded pretty cool. It did have the annoying tone at a certain rpm, but I avoided driving at that rpm anyways. Even putting a glasspack on your turbo zx will make it super quiet. Glasspack mufflers are really cheap anyways, won't hurt to try.

Last year when the muffler fell off in the street (so my son says...). I tried the straight pipe instead and I think it sounds great. It's an 83ZXT with just the cat and a pipe. I found a length of exhaust pipe at Schuck's. Attached that with a clamp and put a chrome exhast tip on it. Looks much better. Sounds great (like an old big block V8) and I haven't noticed the drone like I do on my 77NA. My SRT-4 runs a turbo with no muflers and it sounds great, too.
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