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How to tell if Carb parts need to be replaced.

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i removed the carbs and have taken them apart except the nozzle side of things. The needles seem to be set correctly and seem to be very straight. I was wondering if there is a way that i can tell if anything else is worn out? if the needle is good, what is the next thing to check? how to tell if the nozzle jet is worn?

if the parts are cheap and i already have it aparts should i just replace them now? can you buy these parts local or do they have to be ordered?

Thanks again!
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well i just pulled the floats out and it seem that i have two very different float levels. i was reading up on how to set these correctly and the guide to set these at 11-12mm. i would assume that as least one of these is off if not both. so if one is off can this cause the engine to run very rich? i would think that forcing all that gas into the carb would make it run rich. but i'm not sure... i'm still learning about carbs. could it be that the needle valve is not turning off and flooding the carb? i know that the carb uses vac to "pull" the gas out, could this be overdoing it and forcing gas into it?

at this time is it better to get a rebuild kit from msa or vb and new floats?

could the jet/nozzle be worn and just allowing to much fuel by? is it time to also get new grose jets?

please carb people i need your help, i'm kinda lost at this point.

thanks again for all your help.
I need to know how much vac you are pulling at manifold and I need the cfm size of your carb
Also need to know your brand and size of jet
as far as i know its all stock. on a 72 240z. i dont have a vac guage so i cant tell you that at this time. but i need one anyway so i can pick one up tomorrow. the prob is that i would have to rebuild and reinstall the carbs to get the car to run. i dont think that is going to happen until after the rebuild if nessary. if that is nessary to move on then i guess i could rebuild reinstall then remove again. but thats a lot of work just to get a vac reading. but like i said i will if i have to.

Set the floats. Set your needles, If the floats are to high your car will run rich if to low you will lean out under load. You can basically rebuild these carbs on the car. No need to take them off unless your going to rebush the Throttle plates. Do it all the time.

I'm not sure how to set the floats i red a guide on how to do it, but still i'm alittle lost. if i were to buy new floats would they come correct? and i'm not sure by what you mean by being to high. perhaps you can give me some detail on how to set the floats? i'm sorry this my first time in these carbs... or any carb for that matter. if i get new needle valves and floats would this be the easiest why to make sure that they are correct?

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