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This thread has links to a number of the threads with good information about how to take a stored Z-car and refresh or start it up for the first time.

That question is asked every week. Please check these threads before you ask again!

Brakes / Suspension:
240Z - Toyota Disk Brake Conversion
240Z – Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
240Z - Parking Brake Refurbish

Fuel System:
240Z – Ztherapy Carburetors
240Z - Fuel Tank
240Z - Mechanical Fuel Pump Rebuild

240Z - Wiring Harness Refresh
240Z - Turn Signal Switch
240Z - MultiFunction Switches
240Z - Alternator Upgrade
240Z - Electronic Points
240Z - LED Glovebox Light
240Z - Changing Instrument Lighting
240Z - Replacing Battery Cable
240Z - Power Door Locks
Generic Wiring Troubleshooting Checklist (in process)

240Z - Tail Light Refurbish
240Z - Choke Cable Repair
240Z - Heater Blower Motor Replacement
240Z - Removing Window Cranks
240Z - Replacing oil seals on R180 differential
240Z - Seat Rebuild
240Z - Speedometer Cable Replace
240Z - Windshield Washer Pump Replacement
240Z - Half-Shaft Rebuild
240Z - Steering Wheel Refurbish
General Tips and Tricks


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Great links and info. And you're right this question is asked an awful lot. Can this be made as a sticky?
Might I add that folks getting a copy of the classic 'How to restore your Z-car' by Wick Humble is a great resource as well.
I wish someone would make another book like that only dedicated to the 280zx (my personal favorite Z car) :D

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