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> I am trying to put the urethane suspension
> bushings from energy suspension on my car.
> The problem i'm having is that the bushings
> are larger than the hole for them to go
> into. i was wondering if there was a sleeve
> that needed to be removed, or If I should
> somehow force the bushings in.

> Thanks.

I'm assuming you're talking about the front ones or possibly the outboard rears, After you burn out the rubber and inner sleeve (which it sounds like you've done) there's a n inner sleeve that neeeds to be removed for them to fit. Either get it pressed out, or put the arm in a vise (if possible) and then get a hacksaw, take off the blade, put it through the hole (where the bushing goes) and put the saw back together. Carefully saw through the sleeveand only the sleeve, try not to bite into the surface around the sleeve if possible, but you probably will a little. Just do this in one place, and then you should be able to pound out the sleeve with a screwdriver or punch. After doing so you'll be able to get the bushing to slide in and use the white goopy crap that erergy suspension gives you on both inside and outside surfaces of the urethane part or it'll squeek like you won't believe. Don't be afraid to use alot of it either. and make sure you put the thicker bushing in the right place on both sides before you put it back together (This only applies to the front control arms, th larger diameter portion of the bushing is thicker on one piece than the other. I believe it's to the rear but I can't recall off the top of my head) Anyways this should get ya back on the road.
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Not open for further replies.