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How to make my Z look better under the hood.

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I own 79 280zx and it is very cluttered looking under the hood and it drives me crazy. any tips of what i can do?
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Get one of those chrome oil filter sleeves, those are really nice.
fuel rails help some. not sure if palnet is back up and running making those.
I believe lonewolf performance can make one for you as well.
This is a cleaner bay, yes??
Do you have this BLING under the hood.

Keep it stock save your money to Keep your car maintained.
BRAKES,GAS, ins, ext.
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I put posters of bikini clad women on the hood...really makes it look good under the hood.

Try painting the firewall and wheelwells the same color as the body. Clean and paint everything that attaches to it. Clean, paint, and polish engine. Look at my pics in signature.

Here are some pics of how I just did mine. Before and After, just lots of work.
Clean, polish paint and chrome.
Hey Skittle, Why is your V8 sitting so far forward? It looks like it could be mounted another 6-8 inches toward the firewall at least. It is basically hanging as far forward of the front axle line as the L series would be. Just curious.

And to the original poster, I bought some stuff at Advance Auto that is called an engine degreaser/polisher that is designed to work on the paint under the hood as well, and it really did wonders for cleaning up my engine bay before I dropped my L28 into the 240z. 40 years of dirt and grime came off relatively easily. I forget which brand it was but I can look later. As far as all the wires and vacuum hoses, most of them are nescessary if you want to maintain all the functionality of the original equipment. Very few are for emissions. It really takes some customization to clean up all that. But its very doable with an aftermarket computer I.E. Megasquirt :)
That was before I had the mounts made, it sits much farther back now. Those pics are more cluttered with the wiring harness.
brkr120002 i checked out the lonewolf fuel rails and like the looks of them. do you have any idea how much they cost? they didnt list prices on the site.

Cannonball89 is the degreaser called Engine Brite? for 4 bucks i'll definatly give it a try.

welcome to the world of the Z and seeing your hard earned cash fly the coop!
there is a lot you can do to make your engine bay look real nice and clean, even with all the original stuff that seems to clutter everything. simply taking time to clean things and adding paint can go a long way. this is also a very inexpensive way to improve the look under the hood, but over time things will get dirty and scratched up and rusted again.
a more expensive alternative is to put more money into engine dress up... meaning chrome, zinc, polished billet parts, and powder coating.
i have done a lot of chroming and powder coating on my 280z and though it looks real nice, it didn't come without cost.
but you will be amazed about how much better you can make things look by just removing, cleaning and painting. like what has already been said, cleaning and repainting the engine bay can help out greatly, but if you really want it to look nice, remove the engine and components so you can really get down in there. if you don't have the time, money or tools to do this then i suggest just doing small things at a time. here are some items that can "spice" things up -

chrome oil filter cover
polished Z dip stick
polished oil cap, polished radiator cap
polished reservoir caps
chrome coil cover
chrome or gold plated battery terminal connectors (autozone for gold ones, and pro car audio shop for the chrome ones)
chrome or polished radiator overflow reservoir
new hoses and lines (fuel, vacuum, water)

most of this stuff is available at motorsportauto.com but they are kind of pricey. if you have the money, get your valve cover powder coated, and remove the injector "hair dryer" permanently. some may disagree on this, but a lot of guys don't use it (i took mine off my 280zx)
if you really want to make things shine and you have lots of cash, find a good shop that does chrome plating and starting doing things a bit at a time. i had my intake, fuel rail, injector housing plates, hardware, hood latch assembly, misc brackets and cover plates all chromed, but like i said it is very expensive... i just did my thermostat housing and cover and it was 100 bucks, if that gives you an idea.

remember, small stuff first, little by little, cleaning and time can go a long way!

i can post some pics of some of the things i have done, if you want some ideas. just let me know.

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Most chrome shops or any kind of plating service charge more for small quantities of parts. At work i get a much better deal plating 10 -20 parts then plating 4 parts at a time.
Skillett79zx said:
Cannonball89 is the degreaser called Engine Brite? for 4 bucks i'll definatly give it a try.
Its called Black Magic two in one engine cleaner. Its a degreaser/polisher. DO NOT use Engine Brite on the inner fenders because it will damage the paint. I bought the Black Magic because it says on the bottle that it is safe for painted surfaces. I have used Engine Brite before and it definately takes some paint off with it.
Not sure on the price for the lonewolf fuel rail, you'll have to call.
Do a search on polishing the valve cover. This is an easy one to do that will make a nice difference on an old valve cover. Just takes some elbow grease
Here is something under the hood.Lol

and here is some pictures of Ryan's ZXT(owner of our local Datsun club) desertdatsuns.freeforums.org

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