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Fuel injector Cleaner available

> Hi:
> Does anyone knows how to clean fuel
> injector? I want to pull out my fuel
> injector and do a realy deep clean. It's a
> plastic tip on the injector, if it's broken
> is the injector still useable?
> Thanks for you time.
> Jack.

Just a brief aside on your question. Cleaning injectors does not always do as great a job as hope for, especially without good cleaner or air tools. You often get about the same results by adding a high quality fuel additive to your fuel tank and driving the car for a few hundred miles. Some deposits that clog injectors cause permenent wear of critical tolerances that can not be rectified merely by cleaning out those deposits.

That said I would mention that I have entire case of 12 cans of Nissan Fuel Injector cleanor here at the yard that I would like to sell off to anyone in the San Francisco Bay area that would care to stop by my parts yard. I'll sell it for half of what Nissan charges. I just do not want to ship it through the mail because it may be against the law.

I also a Nissan master mechanic in Eugene, OR that may have several one gallon cans of the same Nissan cleaner for sale cheap. If anyone is interested let me know and I will give out his phone # with his prior consent.

Lastly, I have a growing Z Tech Tip section at my website that has some asides to your question that may be of modest help. See the post, starting an engine after non-use at <A HREF=http://www.jps.net/zparts/docs/izccposts.html>http://www.jps.net/zparts/docs/izccposts.html</A>

222 Posts
To Clean or Replace Fuel Injectors

> ZParts,

> I read the info you had on starting a motor
> after a long storage. Wonderful suggestions.
> Help me on this one!!

> Some NAPA auto parts stores have the
> capability of cleaning injectors with some
> machine they use. I know that other places
> also offer the same service. It costs about
> $25.00 per injector. Do you think it's worth
> it? Obviously it won't fix worn injectors,
> but could get rid of some gunk. What do you
> think?
> Ian

$25.00 per injector seems too high. Keep in mind that a cleaning can only remove the carbon deposits in the needle and orfice area, but not the rust and silt debris that flow up to and partial clogs the incoming filter of the injector. That part can not be cleaned out easily if at all.

Even after you have cleaned a worn injector you are still faced with the problem that a worn injector will not seal properly and will either dripple fuel or dispense an overly rich mixture there after, thus causing stumbling and poor gas mileage.

I checked with a Nissan Master mechanic a moment ago and he said the heavy duty injector cleaners will usually clean out the carbon build up effectively, but you must know how to rig up a closed loop sytem with the proper psi pressure in order to run the cleaner through while the engine is running. (aprox. 15 min per can) This is not a cleaning proceedure easily employed by many home mechanics. The problem of a partially clogged filter will remain though.

I believe I have heard of persons that have claimed that they have purchased re-built injectors for as low as $25. to $45. each. The problem I see in that approach is the question of the quality of the rebuild. Buying moderately priced rebuilt injectors from a reputable source with a clear warranty is the wisest approach I can recommend if you can not afford new ones.

I frequently update my Z Tech tips section, Check the URL below often to see updates.

Good luck,

Eric Neyerlin - Z PARTS
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