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Re: Fuel injector Cleaner available


I read the info you had on starting a motor after a long storage. Wonderful suggestions. Help me on this one!!

Some NAPA auto parts stores have the capability of cleaning injectors with some machine they use. I know that other places also offer the same service. It costs about $25.00 per injector. Do you think it's worth it? Obviously it won't fix worn injectors, but could get rid of some gunk. What do you think?


> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Jack,

> Just a brief aside on your question.
> Cleaning injectors does not always do as
> great a job as hope for, especially without
> good cleaner or air tools. You often get
> about the same results by adding a high
> quality fuel additive to your fuel tank and
> driving the car for a few hundred miles.
> Some deposits that clog injectors cause
> permenent wear of critical tolerances that
> can not be rectified merely by cleaning out
> those deposits.

> That said I would mention that I have entire
> case of 12 cans of Nissan Fuel Injector
> cleanor here at the yard that I would like
> to sell off to anyone in the San Francisco
> Bay area that would care to stop by my parts
> yard. I'll sell it for half of what Nissan
> charges. I just do not want to ship it
> through the mail because it may be against
> the law.

> I also a Nissan master mechanic in Eugene,
> OR that may have several one gallon cans of
> the same Nissan cleaner for sale cheap. If
> anyone is interested let me know and I will
> give out his phone # with his prior consent.

> Lastly, I have a growing Z Tech Tip section
> at my website that has some asides to your
> question that may be of modest help. See the
> post, starting an engine after
> non-use at
> <A HREF=http://www.jps.net/zparts/docs/izccposts.html>http://www.jps.net/zparts/docs/izccposts.html</A>
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