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How to check the thermotime switch and others

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Dear Z friends,I would like to know how to check my thermotime switch.I looked on atlanticz website but it said measure resistance between no. 45 and switch body but I have no clue what is no.45 and switch body is.I also need to get a ohm meter,what kind do I need P.S. YOU MIGHT AS WELL TELL ME HOW TO CHECK ALL OF THE SENSORS IN THE WATER TEMP HOUSING AREA(WATER TEMP,COLD START VALVE,TEMP GAUGE).THANKS,ROBERT
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I just measured a spare TT I had.

The brass nut has:
18°C 12sec
Made In Germany
150°C max
12V 40W
engraved on the side.

At room temp (21°C) the two contacts measured open.

It took ~ 3min in ice water before it switched and the resistance between the two contacts became 70ohms.

Basically the switch is closed only when it is darn cold. When closed the resistance is 70ohms.

One of the pins is tied to ground via a 70ohm resistor.

From the specs on the device, I assume it goes open at 18°C and it attains this temp after 12sec of 12V applied during cranking.

Hope this helps.
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Yep the thermo time switch doesn't "engage" until the engine is pretty cold and unless the weather is below 30deg, should crank up fine without it or the cold start injector even working. I removed this stuff from mine years ago and never noticed any difference is the way it starts.
yeah..you don't really need unless you NEED your CSV......
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