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How reliable are the Haynes Wiring Schematics?

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Ive been educating myself on the 280ZX ECU and EFI wiring harness for my future move to megasquirt, I'll be reusing my old harness, what i'm going to do is label each pin going into the old ECU depending on what the wiring schematics suggest is there, the only problem is when i look up the 1982 DATSUN 280ZX (NON TURBO) EFI harness wiring diagram it mentions some things i know my car doesn't have, like an O2 Sensor or Head temperature sensor (actually not to sure on this) so what i'm getting at is if for example the if O2 sensor was not there would the terminal its suppose to be terminated in be empty or would this wiring diagram be wrong for my needs?

Thanks guys, i'm really looking forward to going to megasquirt i hope its smooth sailing

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sometimes if you are lucky your local library has the original owners manuals and service manuals you can copy that sort of stuff from.
So the FSM will have a better wiring diagram, i'm concerned that the 280ZX's that came out in Auz might have a totally difference configuration to most US models, for example Hanyes proclaims i don't have an EGR valve on my 82 NA, but there is an EGR valve thats for sure.

What is the publication number on your Haynes manual?

I can not find any place in # 28014 that says the 82 does not have an EGR. What page did you find that info on?

The wiring diagrams in Haynes are a reproduction of the diagrams from the FSM, complete with the original errors from Nissan.

Every FI system from 75 up has a Water Temp Sensor or a Cyl Head Temp Sensor.

If the ECU you have has a Green led inside of it should have an O2 sensor connected to it somewhere. From 1981 up they were in the exhaust manifold just above the down-pipe.

What are the numbers that are on the sticker on your current ECU?

Since you car should be right hand drive is the ECU still on the left side of the car as it is on the North American models? I can't see Nissan making a completely different EFI harness, but then I have never seen a right hand drive ZX.
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28014 (563) Page 102 1982 all standard, no EGR valve.

I really must have a better look for the O2 sensor, it might be hidden up under my intake manifold and heat shield!

Thanks for the great reply!

I finished my megasquirt last year and here's some advise....

#2 Make your own EFI harness from scratch
#3 Start with megasquirt n' spark (it's so much better than using a vacum advance dizzy for sure)

Trying to slice into the stock harness sounds like more of a pain in the ass than it's worth... you need different conectors for the TPS and MAT anyway, plus you need two banks of injector drivers awell....

IF I were you I'd take out the stock EFI harness and stock AFM and throw them in the garbage..... Solder each wire individually to the DB37 connector and run it directly to whichever sensor or relay you need to.

Try to use sheilded or twisted wire for the sensor inputs, it will provide you with less interfearence than normal wire....

And remember to ground the sensors TO The megasquirt, then the megasquirt to the intake manifold, don't rely on the chasis and the engine to connect the ground of the sensor to the megasquirt, any voltage drop will throw off the readings and cause havic.
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Do you have ICQ MSN or Yahoo mylesm?

I have a few questions, i wouldn't mind having a real time chat with a person who has done a MS swap :)


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