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Re: what about emissions?

> Wow, that's like a grocery list of mods you
> intend on doing. Motorsports Auto must love
> you. But, since you asked, here's my .02.

> If you have install everything as stated,
> you can expect @200hp (gross).

> I hope you haven't bought everything yet,
> because there are alternatives.

> First of all I'd get the 6-1 Motorsports
> headers instead of the 3-2. The 6-2 is
> slightly better tuned IMO. Of course I'm
> bias towards Nissan Motorsports headers.
> These are the best bar none. Although they
> cost $300. But if you're willing to spend
> $300 on a flywheel, why not $300 on a
> header??

> Second, the Holley 4bbl is not a good idea.
> Although it may sound good, because it has a
> high cfm rating and such, it was NOT
> designed for side induction. These type of
> carbs were designed to sit in the middle of
> a V8, where fuel can be drawn directly down.
> When adapted to the L6, it needs to make a
> sharp 90 degree turn, along with unequal
> length runners provides for fuel pooling and
> uneven fuel distribution. Scrap this idea if
> you haven't bought this yet. Go with either
> the stock SU's, or for all out performance
> triple weber/mikuni. Although the triples
> require alot more tuning and knowledge. So
> if you don't have any prior exposure to
> them, try and stay away until you
> familiarize yourself with your car.

> Third, in regards to the cam. I would
> recommend a cam with longer duration
> (270-275) and .450-.460 lift. The duration
> is really what affects performance, unless
> you've ported/polished the head where you
> can benefit from a higher lift cam. The
> longer duration is the best way to go. But,
> don't go more than 275, as you'll start to
> get a lopey idle, and lose low end. I'd say
> a 270 with .460 will give you the best
> performance. Of course you should get the
> proper lash pads, springs (if necessary),
> etc....

> Fourth, the HKS flywheel might sound great,
> but it may be too light for your
> application. Unless you are expecting to
> operate at high rpm (4500+), the light
> flywheel will rob too much low rpm power.
> Why not lighten a stock 240 flywheel to
> 16-18lbs?? It's lighter than the 24lb stock
> 280, and still heavy enough to provide some
> needed inertia when you try to start
> rolling. I run a centerforc II clutch, and
> have no complaints. Hooks up great, and
> doesn't feel too stiff. Definetely a good
> idea.

> Just my .02 and change,
> 240Dave

doesn't this car have ANY emission reqirements where you live?? a 280 at least had fuel injection to pass minimum.
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