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Re: How much performance will i get from these mod

> I have a 1978 280Z which i bought that had
> no engine or tranny, i bought a new
> remanufactured engine from Motorsport Auto
> and a 5-speed from a Z wrecking yard in
> Arizona. I'm going to get the 4bbl carb
> manifold, 3-into-2 headders, 2.5 turbo
> exahust, 240Z European Distributor, with a
> solid poit breaker plate,8mm performance
> wires, Crane HI-6 ignition and coil, a
> Holley 390cfm 4bbl with 50cc accelerator
> pump, vacuum advance. I'm also going to get
> a performance cam from Motorsport Auto with
> the specs .480 lift @.50 lash,
> and 260 deg duration. Motorsport auto
> perfromance valve spring and lash pads, Oil
> cooler kit, high volume oil pump, Short
> throw shifter, limited slip differential,
> Centerforce II clutch and a HKS 10lbs
> lightweight flywheel. How many horsepower
> should i expect from this motor?
> Thanks for your attention -->Alan :eek:)

you picked a lot of good things. I think it is reasonable to expect ~170-180 hp from that. You can expect to see 135-150 at the wheels. That is nothing to laugh at. A lot of people just don't understand how just a little like that makes a big difference in how the car drives. My only recomendation would be to change the 4bbl out for dual SU's. I realize you may have already spent the money on the manifold and carb, but you really will see better overall performance and fuel economy from the original round-top dual SU's. take a look at the 4bbl manifold. what ends up happening is it pools the fuel at the sharp 90 degree turn, then it tends to run the middle two cylinders rich, the next two ok, and the front and rear lean. it is a function of the design of the manifold. The carb was designed for a v8, not a l6. you will not be unhappy, but you will actually see better from the su's.
-bob hanvey
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