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how much is it gonna cost me to do a zx turbo swap in my 240

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how much cash do i need to drop a stock 280zx turbo motor in a 240z

dont count motor just say i have a good 280zx turbo motor and tranny how much will it cost me to throw it in and what modifications do i need to make to

will my stock r180 dif hold up for a while?

and can anyone post some good sites for turbo motor conversions i have a couple but i want as many resources as possible
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well if you have the complete turbo motor and transmission then all you have to do is swap it. Driveshaft will need to be shortened I think. R180 will hold up for a short while.
10,000 bucks
actuly it depends on what all you want to do. do you want to do a stock swap or do you want to modify it?
just buy my car it's for sale!i'm asking 4500.00 bone stock conversion.i can e-mail pictures if your interested.if you do the work your self it should only cost you a couple of grand.i paid to have it done and it cost me 2500.00.i already had the zx 5sp so this was for the engine and 75 280z gas tank.you'll need that gas tank for the conversion.this will cost you cosiderably less if you do it yourself.also upgrade the clutch to a centerforce or some kind of dual friction clutch,i had the stock clutch in and it slipped under hard accelleration.could have been a bad clutch though.they are alot of fun just stock alone but i'm considering going back to an N/A 240 with a hopped up l28 motor we'll see.anyhow good luck with the conversion.

why would he need the 280 gas tank?
you dont "need" it but it is preferred because it is a FI gas tank with baffling inside i believe but you can use your stock 240z tank but the fuel will need to remain pretty full so you dont cut out when you take hard turns.

it dosent cost much to do the swap if you can do it yourself. the hardest part is controling yourself to not go over board when your swapong your engine. for me (still in the process) i changed all the seals and gastkets, all the bushings etc.. new parts every where! my idea was "might as well do it now before the engine gets in and it gets harder to work on" and now that i said that i still have to finish the rear suspension and put everyting back together.
Do you have the following with the engine??

turbo EFI wire harness
turbo ECU
turbo AFM and ducting
complete intake manifold with good injectors
good turbo
downpipe with section of the mating OE exhaust system
EFI fuel pump
EFI Fuel filter
75 fuel tank or a suitable surge tank setup
T5 tranny
R200 3.54

if so then I would say 300 to 500 bucks for the engine in order to cover fuel lines, cleaning injectors, wire, relays ect....

plus whatever it takes to modify the drivetrain

it will take 40 hours of work minimum as well and if you don't have all the above, get ready to tack on time and $$$$$

good luck with it!!



PS try the search function and hybridz.org
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