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How I installed first generation CRX seats in my 72 240.

There are several ways to skin a cat. Someone else has written an article that uses
the CRX seat tracks and widens the rear mounting area. I chose to use the 240 tracks.
The advantage, to me, was no new drilling of holes in the car and ease of installation.
The disadvantage is that the track with the seats fore and aft adjustment needs to go on
the outside, as the CRX seatpan is deeper and it wont fit on the inside. I also swapped
seats, as they won’t fit well unless you mount them up higher, or do not want to adjust

The seat tracks on both sets of seats are held on with the same size bolts (same
thread pattern) I first removed the tracks from all seats. Then took some measurements.
The CRX seat tracks are 15” wide, The 240’s are 13”.

After rummaging around Home Depot and Lowes, I finally decided on using
angle aluminum (thought they would be stronger than a flat piece) to make seat track
adapters. The following is my parts list:

2 - 1/8x1x36 angle aluminum pieces

8 - mounting bolts (you will have 16 between the 4 seats,

so no purchase required)

12 - 5/16x18x1 1/2” bolts (short)

4 - 5/16x18x2” bolts (long)

12 - spacers (from the Z seats)

16 - washers

24 - nuts for the above bolts
I used all grade 8 harware.

I cut the angle aluminum in four sections, each approx. 16” wide. This needs to
be notched about 1-3” on each end (remove the angle part) so either the seat track will fit
(angle down) or it will clear the seat base (angle up). My rear bar was up and front down.

For alignment, I used masking tape on the aluminum and marked the outer
mounting points at 15” apart, then measured one inch in on each side and drew a guide
line there.

Working from the rear of the seat to the front, I then drilled mounting holes on
each end 15” apart. After that, I measured one inch in on both sides and drilled another
hole. I mounted this bar across the back of the seat with the outer holes using the stock
bolts. Then using the short bolts, I mounted the Z seat tracks in the inner holes. I then
bolted the front bar across, and aligned the seat tracks on the line I had marked earlier,
and, due to slightly different front to rear measurements, had to drill a hole through the
seat track and into the mounting bracket (its about 1/4” back from original mounting

I had several iterations of the mounting, and finally came up with a spacing I
liked, and this is it: With everything aligned and measured correctly, I disassembled it. I
then put the bolts I was going to use to mount to the floor in the seat tracks. Use short on
the inside and long on the outside. Then place one spacer on each of the outer bolts as
the crx seats are angled slightly. Secure these in place with a bolt (all four). Then mount
the tracks to the cross support bars fabricated earlier, with the short bolts. (leave these
loose for now) and one spacer between each track and bar mount. You will now have a
square, with the Z seat tracks running fore and aft and the fabricated bars running side to
side. Mount this to the CRX seat, and tighten everything up. Then just bolt them into the

Like this, the seats sit just slightly higher than the 240 seats, because they are
much more padded and comfortable. I believe that the aluminum will be strong enough
for a few reasons, its angled for added strength, the short distance between mounts (1”)
and with a seatbelt on, the seat will have nowhere to go. I would recommend using steel
instead of aluminum if you have the equipment to work with it properly.

Just my two cents, hope you enjoy it, and if there are any questions feel free to
email me at [email protected]

Mike Golding
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