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How do you call the hose that connects to the PCV Valve...

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I need to replace the hose that goes from the PCV valve to the engine (don't know where exaclty!).
When I changed my PCV valve this hose just dissolved into dust...
I want to order it from Vistoria B. because I need other stuff also.
I don't find it in the Z.43 catalog.
Is ti in there, if not where do I get it (the dealer...)


280z 1978 Auto.
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i've bought one from the dealer; i can look up the part number if you want, but you can just find it on carfiche.com. i'm pretty sure it was at least 30 bucks, and it's just a rubber hose; it's not coated with the silvery heat treatment like the original hose (i have no idea why not).

i would just find anything that fits; as long as its air tight and can stand the heat, i'll be fine.
related to this hose, when ive been driving a bit, i will pop the hood open and look under the intake manifold, there will be smoke coming off of the hose near where the pcv valve is. do i have oil leaking in there and burning? or what could it be? i replaced the pcv valve about a year ago.....

"It should be called..."

"This hose is called the blow-by vacuum cleaner- recycler hose." Norm K.
Thanks to all
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