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Getting my mind prepared for the damage I'm going to do to my credit card to go with a Megasquirt kit (Godzilla or ProtunerZ) for my 1980 ZX base (this will include new fuel rail, injectors, adjustable FPR, etc). But I need a 82/83 distributor assembly along with the oil pump. Going to remain NA, as I just want an upgraded fuel management to spend a little less time under the hood, and more time on the road.

Some basic Google searches show this is a "Where's Waldo?" type of part. Rock Auto is a "return and rebuild". And local parts stores have 0 inventory.

I'm guessing it's not really feasible to frankenstein the 82/83 innards into the stock 1980 distributor? This leads me down the bluetooth distributor path;

Datsun 6 cyl 240,260 280Z 123ignition Programmable Bluetooth Distributor

This site does not mention compatibility with the 280ZX, however. Tabling the "will this distributor work with the 280ZX" for a moment, does this have the ability to interface with the MegaSquirt to get the info it needs?
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