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Hood damper install

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After several years since I emailed ZPirate asking for close-up pics of his hood damper install, I finally got mine on this past Sunday where our Cleveland Z Club had a meeting & tech day held at zinistr's, house using his 4+ car garage with lift, parts & tools galore.
Chris is also a member here on zcar.com. What a great guy to know & we all had a great time Sunday!
BTW Chris is amazing....& very giving guy!
Anyone who needs a garage with a lift, he's got it!
Anyone who needs a tool, he's got it!
Anyone who needs a part, he's got it!
Anyone who needs air in their tires, he's got it!
Anyone who needs mechanical help, he's right there & ready to go!
I really appreciate his perfect dremel work & thanks also to Dale one of our other members who helped me.
I'm really glad to know Chris & proud that he's a member of our Z club & webmaster administrator of our Z club plus he's also the President of the nation wide ZCCA btw did an outstanding job last year at the National ZCCA event in Tennessee.

I bought the NGR hydrulic hood damper kit, they also make one for carbon fiber hoods....anyways the instructions were very poor so I found a diy link. You'll need a 10mm deep socket for the body & 12mm wrench for the hood.

Extra added tips, I had no need to bend the body bolt as shown in the vid, mine was perfect. When compressing the dampers, I used a folded towel in my palm when going downwards instead of the plastic pail & it's a good idea to compress each damper several times before the install. Another important step that was overlooked in the instructions, applying bearing grease to all four of the ball joints. When measuring your dremel cut, place the plastic cover, align with the tab holes & body bolt, use a magic marker, making a U shape on the plastic cover next to the body bolt then just follow the lines slightly wider when dremeling. (Chris's idea)
Another thing was the marking of the brackets, R goes on the drivers side & L on the passenger side, usually it's the opposite!
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Here's some pics...


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Jerry, Glad to see you finally got around to adding some hood dampers. You are going to really enjoy them, especially for car shows. They make for a very clean look. They also make the engine bay more accessible, especially from the front.

I haven't had the chance to meet Zinistr in person, but I have had conversations with him on several Z forums. He is very knowledgeable about Z cars. He sounds a lot like my friend Steve (Modshack). Steve has a lift in his garage along with a garage full of tools, including air tools. I now do most of my modding at his place as do several of my other Z club members. We (he) call his place the Modshack.
Hey John...these dampers are also good for auto cross or track events where you have the hood up for a lenghty time.

I finally got the other pics in! ::)
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