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homeade intercooler

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the box is a ice chest made for 6 packs of beer.... and i'm wanting to put crushed dry ice in it, with the pipe coming from the outlet of the turbo,going to the lower left side,a pipe coming from the upper right side, going to the intake.. i allready have plans on how to keep the ice from getting into the engine, and how to keep boost from leaking , but this looks great on paper, tell me what you guys think ..... i'm going to ice down my intake manifold, and run 112 ocatane avation fuel this weekend , all of this in a '75 280z with the setup from a '83 280zx turbo, on a p79/f54 engine, but with a t3/t4 hair dryer, with a good muffler , 2.5 pipe electric fan , msd 6a box, msd blaster II coil... i'm hopeing for some 12.9s?? with the stuff i just mentioned..... includeing the i/c
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isnt most aviation fuel 100 low lead? at least it is in my area.
well that is what my friend at the airport said, either way it would work fine for my car , and it is blue.... but all that aside ... that is not my question i'm not trying to start a debate on avation fuel
did you say blue? :)

Air water intocooler should be fine.

Throw salt on the ice if you are crazy and want it even cooler.

Don't forget to put some water in with the ice to help transfer to all surfaces.

Make sure the air tubes have some turbulators to slow the air a bit an help transfer heat.

Some copper pipe strapping twisted in a spiral and soldered in place will work

Use copper pipes for max heat transfer if possible

I assume this is for the strip?
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blue is the 100 LL
Problem with Dried ice is, that is it is made of CO2 which doesn't burn all that great, it would definatly have to be a sealed unit.

How good are water - air intercoolers?

The other option is to come up here in January, strap on some studs and hit a flat lake surface @ -40°C

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Weight, weight, weight is your enemy. Water is 8 pounds per gallon. What will adding say 32 pounds of weight to the car do and how much power will be added? Nothing is "free".

Blue, did you mean -40C or something, cuz 40C is pretty warm, isn't it? I mean, thats about 100F. Unless you weren't referring to the air temp outside.
Hod Rod Magazine (Nov '04) has an interesting article on a gel pack to ice down the intake manifold. They said they got 20hp on the dyno out of an '04 GTO. Scary how much temp can help/hurt performance.
Hmmm... a 350hp GTO gained 20hp. Then a 170hp nissan would probably gain 10hp. Is it worth the effort and weight for a temporary 10hp that will "evaporate" with time?

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LOL I meant -40C

Also I misread read the "dry ice" I just saw ice.

Why not run the AC cooling coils into the water supply to pre-chill it then turn on the pump when your start your run?

Discharge to a second reservoir then run it back after the race to re-chill. This way you can cool the water and not have to mess with dry ice or water.

You could probably use gravity to feed in or out so only one pumping direction is needed..

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scroll down to the air-to-water.
you can use a cheap DSM intercooler and weld a water jacket around it for an effective air-to-water. make sure to use an electric pump and a heat exchange to maintain the temps.

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By the way, -40C = -40F. Trust me, I live in WiZconsin!
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