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hmm... which engine is best condition?

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which engine is in the best condition?
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that link does not display the search results.... perhaps just tell us what to search for.
oh well... in the search put 1981 or 82 for Nissan Datsun 280zx, pick part as Engine. then itll ask for with or without turbo. select turbo and itll list abuot 6 or 7 of them... oh and select texas as the state

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depends what state you live in and how much stuff you need
under the description i dont know what it means. all those numbers and stuff.
does anyone know what the mumbo jumbo under the description part mean?
What "mumbo jumbo"? Use the email link and ask the seller.
All those numbers and stuff are NOT RELATED to engine condition. They are related to what kind of car it was in.

You will be buying a used engine that is probably older than you are. Just be aware that there will be corrosion, rust, leaks and possibly hidded damage when buying and ancient engine from a salvage yard. It's a crap shoot at best. Go there and see the engine and take some tools to be able to inspect it.

Engines in junkyards are listed the same whether they are fresh out of a running junked car, or have been sitting out in a field for years in the weather. So sometimes they're great, and sometimes they are overpriced crap.

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