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> The HMB 46W carbs on my 74Z are leaking alot
> of oil into the intake manifold and
> generally making my engine run bad. My
> question is is there anything I can do to
> fix the problem or should I replace/rebuild
> the carbs. Also 20 weight oil is hard to
> find around here any ideas on a substitute?
> Any hel[p would be greatly appreciated.

Use Automatic Transmission Fluid as a replacement, They will lose oil over time, so unless you're talking about the oil being sucked out before your very eyes, it's probably normal. Another option on the oil, if you have a hobby store near you that sells Radio Controlled cars, they usually have damping oil available in many different viscosities (including 20wt, plus the bottle is a great way to get the fluid in the carbs without making a mess (comes in a mini squeeze bottle)also if you use the silicone based damping fluid, it maintains its viscosity rating over a much wider temperature range. I've been using the silicone based stuff for years with no harmful effects that I can see (even after tearing down and rebuilding the engine)
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