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The N42 L28 F54 block that I'm doing at the moment using
flat top pistons is a great combo.
I had to search a lot to find +.040 flat tops in australia.
all L28 pistons should have the same pin height.
It only cost about $160 to get it bored & honed.(well worth it)

Our N42 heads came with hard steel seats unlike the ones from
The USA.(ours are VERY GOOD). I worked out that the comp ratio is more like 10:1
with the STD head gasket. Try ringing 03 9729 9522 for pistons & rings. You MAY get a set for $300ish. I was quoted
$110 each for Nissan cast flat tops !!!!!!!(forget these).
Hope this helps DavidU (Melb Australia)
PS :is that an N42 head ? or block or both?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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