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high comp L28

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I've got an N42 L28 motor.
If I change my pistons to the flat top ones from the later model engine and do nothing else I should get a 10.4:1 compression ratio
Do the pistons have all the same measurements to do this
eg. pin height
the rest of the engine is in good nick but the rings need replacing so I thought I would try this.
How much would you pay for a set of pistons, new or second hand in the standard diameter. I can't get them easily in Australia so I might have to get some sent in.
The N42 Motor is the only one they got here apart from a handfull of imported P90's
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The N42 L28 F54 block that I'm doing at the moment using
flat top pistons is a great combo.
I had to search a lot to find +.040 flat tops in australia.
all L28 pistons should have the same pin height.
It only cost about $160 to get it bored & honed.(well worth it)

Our N42 heads came with hard steel seats unlike the ones from
The USA.(ours are VERY GOOD). I worked out that the comp ratio is more like 10:1
with the STD head gasket. Try ringing 03 9729 9522 for pistons & rings. You MAY get a set for $300ish. I was quoted
$110 each for Nissan cast flat tops !!!!!!!(forget these).
Hope this helps DavidU (Melb Australia)
PS :is that an N42 head ? or block or both?
both block and head are N42
I got the engine and a gearbox for $300 and it just needs rings. I thought I'd try to up the compression while I'm at it 10:1 should be good though Enough to beat all the turbo buzz boxes at the broadwater car park o nthe Gold Coast
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