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Hey Greg,

Still have the Webers? Well I was wrong about the shafts, the do couple
with the R200. Yes, it is made with hugeSpicerujoints and Spicer yokes.

The Center Force Dual Friction is a 240mm and is in great shape. It has
a matching flywheel that has been lighted to 21lbs and rebalanced, I
will sale the entire deal for $200. I am moving to an Auto Tranny.

No problem shipping, just let me know!


>Hey Brent, What would it take to use one of those driveshafts in a R200
>equiped car? would I just have to change the flange, or would it need
>be shortened? I'm guessing this shaft is made with huge ujoints, right?
>What about the centerforce clutch? unused with pressure plate and what
>size? I'd be interested in both. I'm in Arlington. I've been down to
>before and traded a set of mikunis to your for a BW, but I'd want to
>have this stuff shipped up here this time. Would that be a problem? Let
>me know something, thanks.
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