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here is something for you

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Ok I have one for ya’ll.

I was going to get my girlfriend form school today when the car decide to stop running along the way. I cost to her school and try to start the car but it wouldn’t crank over. I know that its not the alternator or the battery being dead because the windows and radio work just fine.

If you know what happened, please tell me. If you think the engine is dead , could you tell me how much an engine would cost.

I drive a ’81 280zx n/a 5 speed.
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Normally I'd suggest checking the starter if you know the battery/alternator is fine. However, if the car stopped running while on your way somewhere then you can rule out the starter.

I'd double check the battery. Use a cheap-o voltmeter just to make sure it's carrying a charge.

If it is holding a charge, then most likely the connections to the battery have corroded away and need to be replaced. If it's not, then re-charge or replace the battery and check the alternator.

Keep in mind that just because the windows and radio work doesn't mean that the battery is fine. They require so little electricity compared to the starter that they might operate just fine on a weak battery, while the starter won't be able to turn the engine over.
Well I found out that my engine is gone. I got back to get my car form work and found a nice big puddle of oil.

Dose any one know how much a new L28E or L28ET cost, and if you live in Texas and have an engine for sell could you let me know. My email is [email protected].

You can do about 4 things. 1) Take your engine to be rebuilt. 2) Get an engine from a junkyard, $250-350 for several I found, with 60-day warranty. 3) Get a used imported Japanese engine, 40k miles, $650 with 90-day warranty. 4) Get a fully rebuilt engine from MSA or other places, around $1800. Something like 1 or 2 year warranty.

By the way, these prices are for L28E. None of the places I called had the L28ET. One place even claimed there was no such thing as a turbocharged L28.

I'm sure everyone has found different prices, but this is from my personal experience and I live in Garland, TX (near Dallas).
thanks trippint for the info.
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