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> try looking down the index(press the back button on your web browser)for an insert called TIMING IS EVERETHING. An individual named Bob A. shot me straight in the direction I needed to go by responding to my problem. I just got through timing my 78 so if you have any trouble you obviously know the web site to call. Good Luck. JN.

> Here is the problem. My 81 Turbo's timing is
> way off. It is off almost 30 degrees off
> from what is supposed to be set at. Factory
> specs are at 20 degrees plus/minus 3 degrees
> BTDC. Unfortunately it is running 40-50
> degrees BTDC. The reason for the
> variance(40-50) is because I tried to adjust
> down at the crank sensor but it did not
> change it that much. It runs and runs well
> except to the lack of horsepower down low.
> That is why I started checking things and
> found it out of wack this much explains
> alot. Anyone got a clue. Could the pin in
> the distributor moved? I don't think so.
> Last time in the distributor everything was
> fine and there is no advance or anything
> else to adjust. Could the distributor shaft
> be installed wrong?
> HELP______HELP________HELP

> Thanks Scott
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