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Help!! Rod knock???

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Thanks for any ideas. Have a bottom end knock continuous,around the #2 hole,
as heard from pan. Lowered pan, removed all main and rod caps, bearings look fine.
Checked crank end play, OK What do I do now ?
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To diagnose a rod knock, you pull spark plug wires to see if the knock goes away under light accel. If it does, you've isolated the rod with the bad bearing. (Same sort of procedure for wrist pins). The pan pulling is in the "Fix Phase" of the maintenance cycle, not the diagnosis part.
For mains, which is a bigger, lower knock, you pull TWO plugs, adjacent to the supporting main to sense changes in the noise.
I guess I'm too late for this info, but better late than never I suppose.
Guess you're in the market for some new rod bolts now, EH?
While you got it out, plastigauge the bearings and see what clearances you have...
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