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Re: Help - Need Advice on crushed frame rails (83Z

> I recently purchased a 83ZX and found both
> frame rails are crushed...the right side is
> also pretty rusted. They are crushed just
> behind the firewall where you would normally
> put a floorjack. Does anybody know the best
> way to repair this damage? Luckily, the rust
> has not spread to the floor pans.

Well actually this damage does come from the use of a floor jack. However, this also comes from a few flaws that Nissan did during there design. Silly I must add is that Nissan routed the air conditioning drip tube down into that before mentioned rusty right frame rail. That is what occured on my 81 Turbo. The remedy is to remove all the rust by cutting out the rusty metal and replading it with new stuff. The Z models are a very sturdy unibody. What I did with my bad areas = 1st i cut out the bad rusted stuff

= 2nd replaced those sections with 16 gauge sheet metal that I bent into shape. I did this in multiple pieces to fit the up kick in the frame as it heads towards the rack.
Just weld over the remaining rail.
I would not worry to badly with the looks since not many people look there in the 1st place and secondly you will recover the areas with undercoating which will blend it with the rest of the areas.
I would not mess with any of the other smashed in areas just the rusted ones since the unibody is strong in design. The only other way would be to replace the rails which include the floor pan but does not stretch up past the firewall.
My cost was a few pieces of metal approx. $10 if that and about 4 hours of my own labor. Good luck. IF any more questions e-mail me.
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