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Re: Water in the Manifold?

The water should have evaporated by now. Maybe check the water temperature sensor the connector may not be tight.or check the grounds.

Did you spray the engine off with water? maybe you got water in the sensors. A little water in the manifold should not make that much of a difference.

Also check the airflow meter connection maybe it's loose?

hopefully one of these will fix your problem.

> I think that there is water in the intake
> manifold. Last night before going to bed, I
> took out the spark plugs and cleaned em
> again. This morning I went out, installed
> the plugs and cranked 'er over. Started like
> a dream!! I was happy, so I pulled out of
> the garage and took it for a spin around the
> block (Not 1/4 mile away like I did
> yesterday (and ended up walking back home)).
> Everything was fine until I started the 2nd
> trip around the block, when she started
> acting up again; hesitating, misfiring and
> coughing. I managed to get the car back to
> my driveway (after stalling 3 times). I let
> it sit for awhile and started it again.
> Everything was fine, it sounded beautiful. I
> let it run idle for about 20 minutes while
> studying the Chilton's manual a bit. I was
> bored and started rocking the car side to
> side, and it started coughing and spitting
> again, and eventually returned to normal
> idle. Every time I rock the car around, it
> starts acting up again, so I think there may
> be water in the intake manifold from when I
> cleaned the EGR valve. It's probably sitting
> in some dips in there, and when tilted to
> the left enough, some water gets in.

> If this is the case, who knows a way to get
> water out of a manifold without pulling it
> off??

> [email protected]
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