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> Oh shi*t, this sucks. I took the EGR valve
> off my car to see if it was working
> properly. It was really clogged so I cleaned
> it, cut a new gasket and reinstalled it.
> When I started the car, it backfired shortly
> after starting, blorting a huge black stain
> all over my driveway, and then idled rougher
> than sandpaper, then stalled. From here, it
> would not start anymore, just turn over and
> occasionally a plug or 2 would fire.

> So far, I THINK that not all pistons are
> firing as normal. It sounds like sometimes
> some are missing. Lots of exhaust comes out
> the back end and it smells VERY rich of
> gasoline, which also leads me to believe not
> all pistons are firing.

> I pulled the plugs and cleaned them (werent
> too dirty, just a bit fouled from rich
> mixture) and reinstalled them. It started on
> the first try, but went back to the nasty
> rough idle right away. I'd have to
> practically floor it just to keep it
> running, and the more pedal I gave it, the
> more it would misfire. So I let off, and it
> died again.

> Next, I pulled the EGR valve off again, and
> tried starting it. It runs really rough, and
> also at about 2500 RPM (1900 with idle
> adjust ALL the way closed). Exhaust was
> coming out of the EGR tube from the exh.
> manifold like it was supposed to, and TONS
> of air was being sucked into the other hole
> into the intake. I could cover up the intake
> hole and the idle would drop down, and it
> all sounded like it was running pretty
> smooth, but when I open the throttle, it
> gets sick again, puffing out un/partially
> burned gass and trying to stall.

> Someone PLEASE tell me what I did wrong!!!
> Could a bug or something have fallen into
> the intake hole while I was answering the
> phone? It was running BEAUUUUUTIFULLY until
> I took the stupid EGR valve off and cleaned
> it.

> [email protected]

Remember this: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Is it possible that you have gotten carb cleaner into the intake manifold causing a rich mixture? How long did you let the engine run after you reinstalled the EGR? If I were you, I would the motor run for a while. Maybe drive it around the block if you can. You may just have some carb cleaner in the EGR ports that is causing a rich mixture. What year is the car? Does it have an O2 sensor? If so, did you use O2 safe cleaner? Other things to check: fuel pressure, should be 37 to 42 psi. Throttle switch, make sure it's not in the full throttle position. Airflow meter, coolant temp sensor. These all have a drastic effect on the air/fuel mixture. Can't tell you much else w/out more info. Good Luck!!!!
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