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> I have a 73 240Z.

> Oh where do i start... I got in a wreck
> about 2 months ago and the body shop people
> have been putting it back together and they
> did not do a very good job with some of the
> car. OK at night my back lights on the tack
> sppedomoeter and all the other gauges don't
> work. The gagues themselvs work but the
> lights don't. The lights over the heater and
> the ac controls are lit up but the others
> don't work. The ampmeter is really jumping
> when I rev the engine so HELP. My choke
> light never goes off even when i am not
> using the choke. My speedometer does not
> work but bounces all over the gauge but my
> odometer works just fine. My ac fan which
> usually turns on when I turn the knob does
> not work so I can't get any hot air out the
> vents only yhe defrost. I saw the fuse was
> burned out so i reaplaced that and it went
> out right after I turned on the car I didn't
> even have the fan turned on. My radio which
> is stock DOES NOT WORK now it does not even
> turn on and the green light does not even
> turn on. All has gone to **** with my car
> and I know theose people will fix some of
> the car but I must know how to fix some of
> the problems.
> Please people Help me fix my old car great
> again!!!!!!

> Dustin Morris

First: I'd take the car aack and have the shop recheck and redo their work. If the car was right before the accident and you contracted those people to fix it - and you paid for that - then they should fix it right.

If they give you any grief then you need to get your insurance company to help you.

If you are on your own definitely check find wiring diagrams and trace the wiring yourself. My experience with body shops has been they do quick patch work and hope for the best.

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