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Help me out guys.

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I'm still learning how to drive my new 5-speed. Once I get going from a stop (usually takes a few tries) I'm pretty much fine. I can shift through the gears and stuff pretty well.

My trouble area is starting off from a stop. I always seem to give it too much gas and peel out, or lurch somehow, or stall out (seems to be most of the time)

Anyone have any pointers for me as far as accelerating from a stop? Where should my RPM's be as I'm slowly letting out the clutch? My engine rev's so extremely fast now with the lightweight flywheel and U/D pulley, and I'm still not used to it yet.
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I think it`s just a matter of getting a feel for it. Take it to an empty parking lot and practice.
At first I would just spin the tires to avoid stalling and being laughed at by my friends. But I eventually got the hang of it. My best advice to learn where your clutch grabs, is to go in a flat level parking lot, and just practice letting the clutch out without any use of the gas pedal, and get the car going. You are going to have to push and let out the pedal a few times before you get moving do that for awhile and your foot will learn where the clutch starts to grab. ......Ryan
I have found that if your clutch is nice and tight that on a flat surface you can start moving without gas... other than that don't stare at your Tach and feel the vehicle..
Park on a on an inclined driveway. That worked for me. Practice rolling back and catching yourself using the clutch and gas pedal. Once you get it it's second nature. On the incline you should be able to keep it steady without rolling backwards. A solid two days and you should be good. Just practice on an incline. You'll get it. Good luck.
Hey Kyle, we are just now doing the same thing with my two teens.
After a few times of peel out and stalling I discovered a solution.
We put the E-brake on and then bring the tach up to about two grand.(parked on the driveway)
Bring the clutch up until you can feel the car trying to move,don't add gas, let the RPM's drop.
Then put the clutch back in and try to keep the tach steady at two grand.
Practice this a few times to get the feel of the clutch and car.
Next, try it without the E-brake and val-la', the car moves without stalling.
No secret to it - just practice. Use the empty parking lot and just keep doing it until it becomes second nature. Feel and listen, don't worry about the tach.
Thanks guys, will do
You might also check, if you haven't paid particular attention to it while driving an automatic, where the ball of your foot contacting the gas pedal gives you the smoothest control of the gas with the least foot pressure, sort of like pushing on a lever arm near the pivot or further away. On my particular vehicle if my toe gets too far down on the pedal, giving it the gas results in more of a jump in rpm than if I have contact nearer the pedal top.
I remember my dad teaching me, "imagine there is an egg between your feet and the pedals" so you don't launch yourself.. Also completely random (probably impossible being that it's college **** week) But when you practice practice for a few hours and then that night get a decent night's sleep... Repeat.. you only learn/retain after you sleep it's the who muscle memory thing..
Great to see your on the adventure of learning how to drive a 5 speed. The only tip I would suggest is to find a parking lot and practise backing in to different parking spots. Backing up adds the final element of engaging the clutch and pressing the gas while using mirrors/ turning your head to maneuver the vehicle. The sweet spot will come with time and like riding a bike stay with you for ever.
:)All the above is excellent advice, but also remember to put the clutch in when you roll to a stop. After you master starts and stops you still have a ways to go, (heel & toe) (double clutch) (push starts) (drop shift). For now just practice you will get the hang of it. Good luck
KK, I too used to have trouble with 5speed long ago. It takes a bit to learn I still have troubles taking off from hills. What I do is count just a 1-2 and ya'll take off just fine.
Both of my kids have never driven a standard transmission. The only car I own with a standard is my 80 zx and my 71 z. Both of which I perfer not having them hurt the clutch by learning on them. So my solution I think is to go rent a honda or something for a weekend and let them learn on that. That way they can learn to drive a standard without harm to mine! ;)
Saves on tires, clutch,and dads nerves!!
But the guys above are right, it just takes practice. Probably by the time you read this you will have it mastered.
Haven't had much time to practice with finals ****. Only practiced once so far.
Its a big difference from mashing on buttons for GT5 huh?
Not a big fan of any racing games. Weird I know right?
think liquid one down one up.... you will get it.
Finish final - insert bourbon; finish final - insert bourbon - repeat as necessary.

Sober up.

Practice clutch.
I'm getting much better with only about 20 min of practice.

However, my car will not move forward if i let out the clutch without adding gas. No matter how slowly I do it, she just stalls. Perhaps its the lightened drive-train components and lost inertia. But I'm getting there, I'm fairly decent at starting from a level surface, but a hill is a problem still. I will keep working at it.
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