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> Recently I replaced the inner and outer
> bearings on the right front wheel of my 81
> 280ZX.

> All was well and good until about 3 days
> later I started to get a vibration again.. I
> took the tire back off and noticed that the
> grease cap had come off, and I surmised that
> it provided an unbalance that caused the
> vibration.

> Well, with no other ideas, I wrapped some
> tin foil about the inside of the cap to
> increase its diameter and give me more of a
> press fit to keep it from coming off again.

> After about 3 weeks it came off again, and I
> didn't have much off a chance to do anything
> about it for quite some time, so predictably
> a couple of months later I was replacing the
> bearings again..

> Well, this time I still didn't have any
> solution and don't know any trustworthy
> mechanics in the Annapolis Md. area (I tried
> contacting the local Z-Car club, but they
> blew me off for some reason), so for lack of
> anything sane to do, I just packed paper
> towels in the rim to push against the grease
> cap to keep it in place!

> Well surprisingly, this worked for about a
> month and a half, but now the problem is
> back, and I still don't have any sane ideas.

> As far as I can tell, the cap was in perfect
> condition when I put it back on, so I don't
> know why a new one would help, and I don't
> know why it seems that Nissan designed this
> cap to seemingly just rest in
> position on a spinning wheel!

> My question, then (after this long
> build-up), is, How do I get a grease
> cap to stay in place?

> Thanks much..

> James Meriwether

Hi James- Chances are the dust cap that you have will never stay on now that it has popped off so many times. I have seen some that looked so beat up that you would think they would never stay on, but they held like a rock. As well, I have seen those that would not stay on. Do yourself a favor and go get a new one from Nissan, make sure you get the o-ring too if your model is suppose to have it. Seat it with a blunt chisel or screw driver on the flanges using a small hammer and you should be fine.

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