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Re: HELP, Car will not start, Driving the Wife's v

> Drove my 1983 280z on 1/31 and parked it.
> Everything seems O.K. Next morning, car will
> not start. It will crank but will not
> turnover. Getting good spark from
> distributor and sparkplugs. Good fuel
> pressure (3/4 full) and air to EFI. I got a
> brief rough start but it sputtered and died.
> Could it be the brain (ECU)? Not to many
> local shops deal with my type/age of car.
> I am driving the wife's minivan and she is
> not happy.
> Please help.
I had exactly the same problem with an 83. I tried alll of the above mentioned suggestions and it still wouldn't fire. Finally getting tired of a 16 year old telling me to change the plugs, I did. That allowed the car to start. It appears that I had gas fouled the plugs. Normally I would guess just letting it set would solve the problem, not in my case. Try it. It might work.
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