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PU Bushings vs OEM ~ Simply put, the OEM rubber ones offer more "give" where the urethane material remains very stiff

Sandblasting ~ You really do not want to sand blast the body. Sand blasting generates heat which can warp the panels. Also, the peening effect of the sand "work hardens" the metal, making it more brittle. Some alternatives have come along like soda, walnut shells, or even some new methods where water is mixed with less blasting media.

You have a good plan, just keep it as original as you can.

I bought one of those stainless fastener kits found on ebay. I got my 260z early as a basket case, and although the PO followed a pretty strict routine of zip-loc w/notes, I'm just assuming I'll need all kinds of replacement hardware. The kit looks to be very thorough and packaged logically into individual bags with labels saying what they go to. Keep in mind you have to specifically prep stainless hardware to receive paint. My car is getting painted silver, so bare stainless will work for me. I think they offer the same kits in non-stainless as well.

2nd on PB blaster. Start spraying down the hardware now and give it a day or so before you try to tackle the stuck ones. An old school hammer type impact driver can help, and the electric impact guns can also get it done. It's that vibrating/hammering motion that usually gets things moving.
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