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HELP!! 300ZX CV Shaft Convesion

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Has anyone performed the 300ZX CV Shaft conversion? One of the directions is to reverse the bearing of the CV shaft to shorten it a quarter of an inch. I did that but when I install it, it seems as if its still a little too long....the suspension doesn't angle enough so that the strut cartridge doesn't align correctly with the top of the strut tower....the length of the axle is stopping it from angling and inch more to the correct position. I know the driver's side is shorter than the passenger side....it was clearly obvious that one was longer than the other, so I used the longer one on the passenger side which installed perfectly.
I had these two shafts rebuilt by some driveshaft guy who I'm a little sketchy about. There's two sets of bearings on each shaft...I reversed the one that's closest to the wheel as instructed....but I suspect that maybe this guy who rebuilt them put the other bearing backwards too which in turn might of made in longer??? I dunno...I'm stumped. I have no other explanation. I don't understand why this doesn't fit. I can't look at the other bearing because unlike the side I'm suppose to reverse, there is no cap that I can just pop off. I'd have to break the newly fastened clamps.
I took the cap off, and measured the length...from end of spline to end of spline and it turned out to be 19.5 inches. Can someone verify if this is the correct length for the drivers side? ANY INFO would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!! -jAy

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I had my own custom adapters made, but I suspect that they're similar dimention wise to the modern motorsports adapters. I ground down the end of the shaft on the wheel side until there was about an 1/8" left before the grove for the ring. This gave the necessary clearance to get the shafts in. As memory serves, there is no way to affect the length of the shaft through assembly of the inner joint.

'73 240ZT

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Thanks Nigel!...I appreciate your help...I'll try that and see what happens.
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