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> I have tried to get everyones attension for
> a while but nothig seems to help - so please
> help me if you can - or even let me know if
> you can't help me.

> One of my problem areas is the rocker panel
> right under the door at the back of the door
> opening, it seems to be a shitty place to
> manufacture a peace of my own so i need some
> kind of pre fabricated item to build around.

> The problem is that the car is a 83ZXT 2+2
> and I haven't been able to find any peaces
> with a excact match.
did you call Motorsport 1-800-633-6331 for a replacement r-panel ?
Its not too expensive.
> It would be a schame for me if my only way
> out is to purchase a new rear fender one for
> a coupe and have to modify it to fit my 2+2.
> first of all it would be expensive due to
> shipping from the US to DK and secondly I
> would hate to purchace a whole car side when
> i only need 13 x 13 inches.

> Any ideas is of interest.

> Thanks in advance

> Brian Madsen
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Not open for further replies.