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heater core replacement????

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I have to replace a heater core for a freind on his 76 how hard is it to do and how long does it take?
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Ha, ha ! Check your friends heater valve before replacement of the core ...... THAT could be the problem with blockage or leaking if the case. Oh ... how long does it take ???? Think like an aboriginal ..... NOT LONG AT ALL .... ! ..... HA, ha, ha .....
i just pulled mine last week out of my '78. took only a couple of hours. If you do not have A/C/ then disregard what the FSM or any other manual says about unbolting or removing the heater box. It is not necessary!. You must remove the fan and it's whole housing box, the center console(or at least unscrew it and slide it back. I removed mine to change shifter bushings) the glove box and door, the heater control valve will have to be unbolted from it's mount. Other than that it is fairly easy.... Good luck
Hey Mt 240-350,

I am thinking about replacing the heater core myself.
(my car is a '78 280z coupe)

Did you also have hard time trying to replace the heater rose that runs above the heater control valve? Any tips?

How did you remove the heater control valve from its mount? I tried to do it but it was close to impossible (unless I remove the entire dash)

Thanks for the advice,unfortanetly it does have a/c that works somewhat,I guess I'll just wing it.thanks again though.
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