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Headers and Autonmatic Trans

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I am restoring a 73 240z with an Automatic Trans (i know, i know). I see that MSA headers are for manual trans only. I am looking at using PaceSetter performance headers but they were unable to confirm any installation issues associated with the auto trans. Does any one have any experience with the automatic trans and/or PaceSetter headers.


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DON NOT BUY PACESETTER. Pacesetter headers suck. The have major problems with fitting right and the quality of the them is not good. Go with the headers from MSA if you get headers and spring for the jethot coating option as it is definetly worth the extra money for more than one reason. As for using them with an auto tranny I'm not sure, so why not call up MSA and ask. It's a toll free number 1800-633-6331.
Thanks for the info on Pacesetter. I did call MSA they are the ones that told me the Auto Tranny was out. I need another option.
HMMM. Well I'm not too familiar with why it won't fit with an auto tranny. I used the headers from them on my auto 300zx with no problem. It was a tight fit compared to how they go on a manual but they still fit. Maybe someone here can explain to us why it won't work with the auto tranny for the 240z; or mabye it does. If pacesetter is your only option I would just stick with a stock manifold. Take it to a machine shop and have them port it out as much as possible. Good luck
I second the quality and fit issue of Pacesetter. Bluntly put, they SUCK.
I have a Pacesetter/Monza exhaust on my car. It was a pain to get it to fix. Even if you think you got it in, the fit is so poor that it'll rattle loose.
Plus, the black paint they put on it burns off only after a couple weeks.

I also agree to keep your stock manifold if the MSA one doesn't fit. Do a quick search of this forum and you'll find that most people agree that an aftermarket header does close to nothing to increase performance . . . unless you have higher compression, cam, etc.
i just installed a set of headers today on a 240 automatic. they are the long tube with built in flange as opposed to the short tube headers. the reason they say they dont fit is because they rest up against the auto trans pan itself . they will fit but you have to clearance the lower tube of the header down next to the tranny. i flattened that area with no problem and it has clearance.
ill bet they say they dont fit because it is not a bolt on fit with good clearance
I believe the main reason for them saying it won't work is the fact that they're TOO close to the transmission. Think about it... headers are flowing a LOT of heat, so much in fact, they'll glow at night. Now, think about what that kind of heat would do to a transmission, especially an auto. I imagine MSA's reasoning isn't just because it's not completely bolt on... a lot of their stuff requires a little extra work for it to be perfect, that's the way it is for a lot of manufacturers.

To make it easy, I wouldn't install them if they're that close to the tranny. It could blow a seal or gasket, overheat the entire unit, and maybe even boil the trans. fluid down to gunk if driven too long like that.

Just my $.02
Pacesetter headers dont fit right and rattle loose? Somebody is a bad mechanic! J/K. Seriously though, it took a little wiggling to get my pacesetter to fit my 240 just right, but after that they have given me absolutely no trouble. And I live in nebraska, where ther rust-a-lo's roam. LOL. But your wrong about the paint burning off in a few weeks KEINoze.....my headers paint burned off on the drive to the exaust shop!
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