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Have I messed something up then?

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I just asked the question about the battery cable. Before I got the answer, I had it connected this way. I had the negative cable connected to the batter tray/fender and then to the starter silenoid, the positive cable is also connected to the silenoid. It sparked when I connected it. Now, I changed it and have it connected the suggested way. I tried to start it but the starter just clicked. I tried to jump it but the starter just clicked. Could I have shorted something out when I made the wrong connection? Keep in mind that the car hasn't been started in about 3 months because I took everything off the engine in order to paint it, now it is put back together. I hope it is battery related. Any input? Thanks
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Saw your other post.

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so you had both the neg ans pos. connected at the same spot.

........you "toasted" the contacts in the solenoid by running full battery current through them.

Time to replace...........

BTW - POS cable goes to empty large solenoid connection.

NEG cable goes to engine ground, as stated earlier.
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