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Harmonic Balancer Keyway

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Okay, I feel like a fucking idiot now--

I went to put the keyway for the harmonic balancer into place, and so i'm putting the thing in, I have the keyway into the little slot it's supposed to be in, and as i'm pushing the pulley in, the goddamn thing falls through the front cover.
I'm at my wits' end trying to make this **** car work.

Any suggestions for how to get the **** thing out (save for taking the front cover off again (i just put the **** thing on)

And also, is there some sort of procedure I'm supposed to go through for putting the harmonic balancer onto the motor?

I probed around inside the front cover with a magnetic pick up tool but it was to no avail :(

Any suggestions?
basically, please help :(
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Is the motor in the car or on a stand? If out of the car, remove the oil pan and look around and feel for it.
It's out of the car, pain in the ass thing is I just put the f*cking thing on!!!!

oh well.

I dug around for it with my magnetic feeler-thing but it wasn't anywhere to be found in either the front cover or oil pan.
I agree.

It won't take that long to pull the pan, find the key, and put it back together. Sucks, but sounds like you tried to find it and rotating engine etc might end up with engine on the ground.

Another proof of Murphy's law. Look on the bright side, at least you didn't put the engine back in the car yet.
i didnt know we could swear in the forums.
Take off the front cover. Recover the key. Reinstall.
It could get to the pan.


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Amazing you can't say s h i t but seems his words went right on by?
It shouldn't be able to fall off down into the cover. Did you install the oil splash shield on the crank before you installed the cover?
get a strong magnet and drag it up the front cover,also remove the oil seal you should see the key and pick it out with a angle needle nose pliers
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