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Hard Top-Targa Conversion

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I own a 1979 280zx with the hard top. I have recently come by a 1981 280zx targa top which is a rust bucket, but the roof does not have any rust. I want to cut the top off the targa and install it on my own car. Has anyone done this before? Where should I begin the cut? Any things I should look out for? Any and all advice appreciated!

Sydney, Australia
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Sorry about the double post!
Ozzy also asked this qn a little while back, and got quite a few replies. I think the word is that it would be hard and probably cos a bit, but then again those targa tops are **** cool :)

try searching the archives for this post. i think it was in the last month or so.

The street rodders have been cutting off tops & grafting on some really great tops...from what I see this is serious bodywork...unless you are really GOOD at
working with thin metal then perhaps you might consider farming this out to a shop
that has LOTS of experience...and I agree that a Targa top is very nice...but for the cost of doing this to your car you might find a Targa for the same $$$ :eek:)
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