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Hard to shift, gear clash...

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Hey, folks.

I've got a early '74 260 with a 5-speed swapped in. It's becoming progressivly harder to shift into first and somewhat hard in other gears, especially when not moving. I'm getting grinding / clashing when shifting. I've taken to double cltuching and heel-toing in order to get the shifter through the gates while driving. The problem is at its worst when the car is cold, and when warm, it's atually not too bad of a problem, although it's still difficult to shift at times.

I'm told that the throwout bearing might have been put in backward, or is going out, making the clutch not disengage completely. If it was put in backward, it may be getting machined down and made thinner, causing the clutch not to completely disengage. I'm not completely sure this is the problem.

I've got a throwout bearing to put in, but I'm wondering if I've got the right part. Could anyone give me part numbers for a 4-speed bearing and a 5-speed bearing?
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Are you sure the clutch hydrolics are O.K. and there is not too much play in the clutch pedal? Extra play causes hard shifting. Norm K.
Has to be hydraulics, although i had the same problem i did a much different swap! I installed a 2+2 clutch/flywheel into my 240z witha 280z 4 speed.

Everyone told me to get the 2+2 collar since it was smaller, so i did. I couldnt even shift it into a gear! it would grind on all of them. No clutch master cylinder push rod adjustment could be done to fix it. Also No slave adj. fixed ti either since i am using a non adj. 280z slave.

I finally figured it out, there is a clutch pedal stop welded to the floor of the 240z which is about 1 1/2 inches high. My 280z has one too but its only 1/4 inch high. So i was losing 1 1/4 inches of pedal to disengage the clutch. This worked for a little while, like 2 hours, then the gears would be hard to shift after sitting at a light in neutral. I added more tranny fluid and that fixed the problem completly. Every once in awhile though I cant get it into reverse, maybe once a week, cause then clutch wont disengage to get it in there, but its fine getting it in first-4th which is odd. Im going to look into it though. Also if you have an adj push rod master cylinder, be careful with the rubber stopper that limits the travel of the pedal towards you. Leave it a bit loose for a couple weeks of driving, but not too loose. My pedal tightened up to the point where it was in 1/4 disengagment of the clutch.

I know there were a couple of different clutch collars for different trannys. Hopefully you used the same 5 speed collar, and i would expect all the pilots to be the same for every year.

So add tranny fluid until it pours out the hole, adj clutch m/c, adj stop screw above pedal, maybe cut the clutch pedal stopper on the floor pan <----only after all else fails cut it. Make sure the clutch is bled properly. And if you have an adj slave cyl, make sure that is adjusted. Bent fork could be the problem, but make sure you do the simple stuff first!!!
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late to the party.. late advice (for myself)...
turns out I had two problems..

Clutch slave & master cylinder were leaking
tramission went bad

Gear would push hard into first when cold, when warmed up easier no issues. When shifting into 3rd gear would push in fine, but a slight grinding sound. Was low on fluid in the transmission and eventually the transmission got stuck in gear (Couldn't pull it out of 4th gear).

Check your fluid/leaks before it is too late (only took 2 weeks of this behavior to kill my tranmission).
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